Waking My Wild Woman

Photo courtesy of Mystic Mamma

Photo courtesy of Mystic Mamma

Hey gorgeous,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what connects me to my wild woman. Too much routine can leave me feeling stagnant or tame. Sometimes I just gotta switch things up and channel my wild, spontaneous side. You know what I mean?

When I say wild, I’m talking about engaging in practices that channel my primal, animalistic, sensual, instinctual woman. The woman who doesn’t subscribe to society’s rules and instead listens to the voice of her own internal compass. I’m talking about the ravenously inspired, don’t give a f*ck woman. The woman who is tapped into her needs and nourishment. The one who says damn straight I’m going to take an hour-long bath, I need it!  The one who answers the call to walk into the forest or dance ecstatically around the house. Wild comes in so many forms and for me, being wild means following my body, heart and intuition.

One of my favorite ways to get wild is in the kitchen. I get down and dirty in there. Being messy in the kitchen is not something I have to work at since it has come naturally all my life. No wonder why my nickname is Queen Spill.

Beets stained on my hands? Yum. Fingers dyed yellow from turmeric? So much yes! Coconut oil all over my hands? I smear that goodness all over my lips! Speaking of food, one of my  favorite tips from Sark in her book Succulent Wild Woman is "Eat mangoes naked. Lick the juice off your arms.” Hell yes! Using juicy, food-related words like delicious, yummy and succulent also make me feel totally wild.

Dirty hands, crumbs on the floor, colors on the counter and amazing food in my belly make me feel incredibly wild and free. I’m connecting to the earth, I’m creating, I’m tasting, I’m exploring. I get to say MMMMMM really loud when something tastes divine.

So, lovely, what makes you feel wild? Gardening? Dancing unabashed around your house? Adorning yourself in feathers and glitter? Being captured by the silence of nature?

Follow that call. Your wild self is your wise self. It will not lead you astray. Your wild woman knows the lay of the land. She feeds on the Earth and is in tune with her rhythms. Your wild woman expands beyond time and space. She knows you deep down to your bones. You are wild. Don’t let anybody tame you.

Cheers to your wild heart,

Now I'd love to hear from you. In the comments section below let us hear what makes you feel wild? What does the word wild mean to you? What do you like to do to unleash your wild woman? I can't wait to hear how you get primal!

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