What Does Your Authentic Voice Sound Like?

Courtesy of Mystic Mamma

Courtesy of Mystic Mamma

Hey love,

Over the past month or so I've been experiencing a tremendous shift in many areas of my life. January has been really good to me-- full of wild inspiration, excitement, sexy confidence and a reclaiming of my authentic voice. That last bit, about my voice, has been instrumental in my growth over the past month. The type of growth I am in the midst of is the kind that comes out of nowhere; a surprising and transformative growth spurt, if you will. I'm riding the high of it every day and let me tell you, it feels deliciously good. As I reflect on what has sparked this shift-- in my body, mind, work and general outlook-- what keeps coming up is voice.

I was telling a friend the other way about my feelings toward the word cute. Ladies, I cannot tell you how many times I have been called cute. And while I totally appreciate the word and know it comes as a compliment and act of love, I realized that being called cute all my life kind of put me in a box. I put myself in this box. That word cute kept me playing safe. I'm cute so I can't talk about this. I'm cute so I can't swear. I'm cute so this discussion is too sexual or telling or personal or intimate. I never actually said these things to myself but I think subconsciously that word, over the years, has placed a veil over my authentic voice.

As I've stepped more into my role as a wild, creative, empowered and inspired woman, I own being cute. But I also own all of the other layers to my multidimensional being. I am a whole bunch of flavors, a cabinet full of colorful spices and tastes. One of those flavors is cute, yes, but there are so many others: sexy, confident, scared, curious, pleasure-seeking, lover, friend, sister, wild, primal, sensual. As I own every aspect of my nature, my authentic voice starts to get louder. As I get to know myself and all of the stunning pieces that make up me, I court my inner divine feminine and the volume of her voice is turned up loud.

I can swear and talk about yoni eggs. I can openly express how I'm feeling during my bleeding time. I can say I'm fucking scared but trusting the process. I can release feelings of fear and joy in the same space. I can write what's on my heart and indulge in the overwhelming sense of release that comes from that. I can own my feelings and own my words. I can engage in juicy conversation with my girlfriends about orgasm and sex and other pleasures. And I can, in the same frame, talk about pain or what's not feeling so good for me.

You know what's so incredibly beautiful about speaking from our authentic voices? The energy exchange that happens. I've noticed that when we speak our truth, we give other women permission to do the same. By freeing our own voice and opening the door to our heart, we open space for other women to get to know her own unique voice. I can't tell you how many fun and nourishing conversations I've had with friends since releasing my authentic voice.

At first, it was scary. Is this weird that I'm talking about this? Is this too much? I probably shouldn't be bringing up my yoni egg. But I'll tell you a hot truth. The ecstatic, freeing feeling that fills my bones when I speak from the voice of my authentic feminine self-- my soul-self-- is a feeling I want to keep alive. I don't want to sacrifice or stifle it. Yes, a cute girl can discuss these topics. You know why? Because she's an empowered, passionate, pleasure-seeking cute girl. A wild cute girl. A woman, actually. And so much more than that.

So, lovely, now it's your turn. What does it feel like to speak your authentic voice? What are the ways you strengthen the voice of your wise, intuitive inner voice? Is there anything dying to be released from your bones? Meet me in the comment box and let us know how this resonates with you. I'd love to hear how you exercise your sexy, wild, authentic voice.

Here's to turning up your volume.

With wild love,