What Does Your Process Look Like?



Hey love,

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and time to soak up the energy of the new moon, spring equinox and solar eclipse! I don't know about you but I feel SO ready for this new season-- ready to cleanse, renew and hit the refresh button. I recently held a virtual gathering to celebrate the new moon and spring equinox and I am still digesting how special that space is.

Whenever I hold any type of gathering with women-- whether in person or over the phone-- I am amazed by the energy and love that exudes from these women. I am awed by the support and gratitude that is exchanged between all of us. It is a sacred bond that is hard to form language around but the feelings stirred up from it are incredibly strong. I am so blessed to have the chance to share space with so many inspiring women. 

When I reflect on the women's circles I hold, the power of them always comes back to a simple act: holding space. 

Often times, the most healing medicine is the space we are given to be witnessed in our experience and the processing of that experience. 

The treasure of any type of women's circle is the sharing part. When we share with each other in a safe and sacred container, we release things that no longer serve us. We have the opportunity to be witnessed and held in our experience, in our celebrations and in our sadness, in our joy and in our grief. Sharing allows us to be seen and heard, and that alone is what heals and transmutes our experience into one of profound growth.

the most beautiful part is that when we release from our bodies what has been held tight for so long and we release it into a space with other women, we realize that our story is her story. your story is her story and My story is your story. What one woman shares can resonate deeply with another woman and is so healing. It gives another woman permission to release her own stories. It allows us to be celebrated, supported and honored through all of it. 

I lead these circles because I have been held by women-- women I know intimately and women I hardly know at all. They have held space for me to be in my process completely. They have sat there with me without saying a word, knowing that simply bearing witness to my experience is more than enough. Sometimes words are not needed. It is the presence and the recognition from another woman that heals our old stories and creates space for new ones to be told. 

Whether you are celebrating a new and exciting chapter in your life or you have been hit with pain and suffering, it is vital to digest and process any situation. When we take the time to honor our experience, we can better assimilate it into our bodies and clearly see how we want to navigate this experience in order to move forward. Every woman's process will look different and that is amazing. It doesn't matter what your process looks like as long as it feels authentic to you.

There is no formula for your process.

In my own life, my process ranges. Sometimes it means having a dance party in my living room to some silly radio hits. Sometimes it means asking one of my friends to sit with me and hold me while I cry. Sometimes it means asking to be alone while I digest what is happening in my life at the moment.

Every part of your experience is valuable. How you process any given experience is valid. Don't let anyone or anything-- people, society, your own stories or thoughts-- dictate how you process your experience.

And don't be afraid to ask someone to hold space for you. They don't even need to say anything. The space alone is what heals. The space is what allows you to clearly see the undercurrent of the situation-- all those hidden lessons and messages that carry throughout every experience.

Ask someone to hold that space for you. It is not a burden. It will help you heal but it will also give the other person permission to release themselves, to ask another to hold space for them when the time comes. I know that when I hold space for someone else it has been just as healing for me as for them. Like anything, it is an exchange of energy. The person witnessing you will inevitably have a part of them healed in the process. You will have parts of you healed in the process. And from that exchange, a new layer of your relationship will form. A small new thread will be woven through the fabric of your being, connecting with all the threads that make up the big picture of your life. 

Honor your experience. Stand by your process. Ride your own rhythms.

When we can ride our rhythms instead of resisting them, we open up new channels within us. We open up new doorways to deeper levels of intimacy with ourselves and with others. We experience the kind of healing medicine that expands us.

I Honor your experience. I stand by your process. I support you in riding your own rhythms.

Now I would love to hear from you! What resonated with you in this post? What does your own process look like? Are there any stories around processing your experience that you're ready to release so you can express yourself fully and authentically? Have you experienced the power of holding someone else or being held yourself? I would love to hear how my thoughts on this topic landed for you. Let's start a juicy conversation about this in the comments section. I know all the women in this community appreciate your words so much. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and share your own voice in this community. I am truly grateful for you and your unconditional support!

Holding space for you,

xo Sarah