10 Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself Daily

1.    “Breathe”

Breath is our most powerful tool. It grounds us in our bodies and snaps us back into the present moment. It has the power to wipe clear what isn’t serving us and create space to invite in what we need to uplift and support us. By changing the count of the breath or the type of breath, we invite more energy and oxygen into our bodies, which gives us a shot of energy and inspiration. Whether you want to find more calm or are looking for some more fiery and inspired energy, find your breath. Stop where you are, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, following the journey of the breath in and out. Feel the breath massaging your inner body and providing you with whatever you need in any given moment.

2.    “Trust the process”

We don’t always need to enjoy the process but we need to trust it. Throughout your day, know that you can only do so much and then you must surrender to the process. Life is an energy exchange. Offer your energy out into the universe and know that you’ll receive that energy back at some point. Effort + surrender. Trust you are walking the right path. Trust you are going to end up where you need to be. The tricky part is not focusing solely on the end point. Be in the process. The process is the place of expansive growth and discovery.

3.    “Chew, digest, assimilate”

Food metaphors work so well in life. I use food language in my yoga classes all the time, not just because I am constantly thinking about my next meal (yes it’s true) but because the act of eating is the perfect analogy for the act of life. When we chew our food slowly we digest it better, making our digestion stronger and allowing us to truly and fully assimilate all the nutrients of those foods. Same goes with life. If we chew each moment slowly (aka absorb it, be aware of it instead of run away from it or ignore it) we can better digest the lessons and messages of the moment. Our systems grow stronger and then we take from the moment all of those subtle and powerful lessons and gems. Even if the moment or experience doesn’t taste so great at first, perhaps if we really chew it slowly, we can begin to taste all the different layers of flavor and catch one that tastes really really good. Savor those good flavors just as much as the foreign flavors. All of the layers help us grow into our highest potential.

4.    “I am the elements embodied”

Remembering that we are all of the elements is potent and inspiring. It means that throughout our day we can channel any element we need to help us feel inspired, grounded, open, or whatever it is we want to embody. For example, if you are looking for inspiration tell yourself “I am fire.” Visualize the power of fire and everything it is associated with: manifestation, confidence, sense of self, inspiration, bright light. Tell yourself that you are all of these things. Earth is grounding. Air can mean you are riding the winds of change. Water can mean tapping into your emotional body or surrendering to the ebbs and flows of life. Take time to think about what each element means to you and call on them to help you embody your desired feelings.

5.    “Be in this moment”

One of the most important affirmations. Attaching to thought forms (aka the ego) is the source of suffering. Thought alone can make us tired or uninspired or unmotivated. Leave your mind and enter your body. Enter this moment. Breathe. Be here, right now. Notice your immediate surroundings. Coming back to the present is like hitting the refresh button. It allows clarity to bloom within you.

 6.    “I am radiant and stunning”

Our thoughts create our reality. I am a radiant, stunning woman. Say this to yourself every day, many times a day. Why? Because it is true. It is incredibly true. And you deserve to be reminded of that. You deserve to feel that, in a strong way. You need to believe it. You are a radiant, stunning woman full of wild potential and insane beauty. I’ll remind you again: your thoughts create your reality.

7.    “I am wild”

What does the word wild mean to you? Free, liberated, open, spacious, uninhibited, expressing herself, primal, sensual, divinely feminine? A wild woman is a woman untamed and untainted by the constraints of society. A wild woman is rooted in the intelligence of her body and expresses herself freely. She is connected to who she is at her core. She knows she is full of ancient wisdom, myth and secrets. Tap into your wild woman. Imagine her. Embody her.

8.    “My sensations are exquisite”

They really are. Sensations are the intelligence of the body. Sensations remind us that we have the ability to feel. Sensations are the voice of our higher self. They hold our higher potential. Sensations are the life force constantly coursing through us. They tell us that we are not just our skin and our muscles and our bones and our organs. We span beyond that into a much vaster space. Tune into your sensations throughout the day, not just emotions like “I am happy.” Instead, become acutely aware of the sensations that precede thought. What does happiness feel like? Your heart growing past your chest? Small sparks of fire heating up your belly? A calm that melts like butter over and down your shoulders? Start to create a language around your sensations. Describe them and most importantly, soak them up.

9.    “Let that shit go, right now”

Seriously. Right now. Each time you become aware of an unwanted thought, emotion, or feeling, let it go. Each time you judge yourself or say something unkind about yourself or another, let it go. Each time a doubt creeps in or a thought feels like it has the power to control you or unhinge you, let that shit go. Take a breath in to really feel it, and take a breath out to let it go. Give it permission to leave you entirely. The breath is there to carry it away for you.

10.  “There is beauty all around me”

The power of awareness and presence is that it lets us see the beauty in small things. You notice more beauty around you, whether that’s a leaf shaped like a heart on the sidewalk or a couple laughing together in the street. Notice the small things and turn them into big beautiful things. And if you can’t find the beauty around you, offer your own. Smile at a stranger and notice how that small act makes both your heart and theirs feel brighter in an instant.

Write these down (plus some of your own) and put them where you can see them. Repeat them to yourself. Recite them. Breathe them into your body. Marinate in them. Allow them to infuse deep into your bones until you feel yourself lifted into a higher, more inspired state. 

Start writing love notes to yourself. Be your own lover.

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Now, I'd love to hear...what affirmations are you telling yourself today?