A Guided Meditation to Awaken Your Wild Woman

Hey wild woman,

Today I'm keeping the writing here simple so you can enjoy this powerful guided meditation I made for you. I recorded this meditation during the new moon, which happened on May 18th. This earthy Taurus moon spoke the importance of grounding. This moon was all about grounding down into sensation and connecting with our earthy, wild, primal selves.

This meditation reflects the power of connecting to our own nature and mother nature. As you visualize yourself walking through the forest during this meditation, you will feel the connection to your wild woman-- the free, liberated, expressive woman. 

Why is it important to connect with our wild woman?

Because it sheds any debilitating stories or layers and leaves us feeling free to express ourselves fully and wildly. It untames us and liberates us. It taps us in to our wise instincts. It reminds us of our deep connection with nature. Through this meditation, I hope you experience the profound act of communing with mother nature and, in turn, appreciating your own wild and exquisite nature. 

Sit or lay in a comfortable position and listen to this guided meditation when you want to feel free, light, bright and grounded all at once. Notice what it feels like to awaken your wild woman and turn on your deepest self.