Poetry in Motion

One of my favorite things is to watch yoga time-lapse videos. I love marveling at the intelligence and beauty of the human body as it creates art. I love the dance of yoga - I've been fascinated by it for over five years now. Watching a body make shapes from strength, openness and grace is pure magic. And knowing that breath is the force behind all that magic is a potent reminder of how incredible we are. Our make up is divine. We have everything we need right within us.

Riding on the winds of breath and moving our body takes us to places full of abundance and love. Yeah yeah, that may sound cheesy but I have found this to be so true. Movement expands our edges. It takes us out of our heads and into our hearts. It shows us that even in small micro movements there is an insane amount of strength and flexibility and space for growth. Yoga time-lapse videos always remind me of this fact.

They definitely are not the way to learn yoga or get down a yoga sequence but they simply are beautiful to watch. They whisper to us that we can make magnificent art with our bodies and we don't have to be advanced yogis either. Our daily movements are art because they are examples of our divine human make up. My practice may be more advanced than others but it is definitely not perfect. In this video, you'll see that sometimes I fall or I have to try a pose again. I want you to see that. My practice doesn't always look perfect but I don't want perfect. I want the imperfections that come with true beauty. I want my practice to be a reminder of the fact that real life - what makes us so exquisitely unique and out of this world - can be found in our imperfections.

This is why I love making time-lapse videos of my own practice. These videos let me celebrate all of my efforts - on and off the mat - to deepen my practice. These videos show how much work and dedication it takes to build a deeper relationship with the body...and how it is so worth it once we experience the beauty and intimacy that blossoms from that work. These videos showcase how playful, fun, liberating and empowering the practice of yoga is. They prove that it is not about nailing the full pose but, rather, about the journey to get to the pose; the countless conversations that had to happen between me and my body to find balance. 

Making these videos reminds me of my love for this practice and how it has transformed my life in the most profound ways. It reminds me that it is called a practice for a reason - that life is a practice but, within our practice, we always remain poetry in motion. 

I hope you enjoy this video and feel inspired to get on your mat (or on the grass) and connect with the power of your body in the most intimate and profound way.

All love,

xo Sarah

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