How Do You Celebrate Your Selfhood?

New Moon in Gemini + Artemis Wisdom

Hey love, 

Happy New Moon in Gemini! Today is a powerful day to plant new seeds, set intentions for the coming month and reflect on these questions:

~ What feels nourishing, supportive and nurturing on your journey? How can you invite more of this abundant energy into your life RIGHT NOW, whether in small or large ways?

~ What is not serving you in the moment and how can you loosen its ties to you? How can you release what is not serving you in a sacred way?

If you are able to, take some time to journal your thoughts on these questions. Release any filters and allow the words to spill from your heart, honoring your words and honoring where you are right now. Take time under the darkness of the new moon to celebrate your womanhood, your selfhood, all of the qualities and experiences that have made you the gorgeous woman you are today. 

Know that you are supported, loved and celebrated on your journey. Know that you are being guided by a powerfully profound and magical force - sometimes it just takes a bit of digging to channel that force. 

Start by spending some quality time with yourself today in order to heighten the voice of your inner wise woman. Take time to nourish the self - that place inside of you that pulses with your pure truth and purpose even amidst external circumstances. 

If you are looking for some guidance, Artemis is the perfect Goddess to call upon when working with selfhood. Artemis says: 

"Have you been too much at the service of others without making sure you get what you need for yourself? Has it been too long since you had time to yourself or a space of your own? Now is the time to come into yourself. Now is the time to pay attention to the whispering voices of your own needs. Now is the time to take yourself back and celebrate and strengthen who you are." ~ from the Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky.

Artemis reminds us that when we shift from looking outward with our two eyes to looking inward with our third eye, we can reconnect with our true self and explore the boundless ocean of our own potential, of our fierce feminine flavors and our unique talents and offerings.

For a more in depth forecast of this New Moon in Gemini, check out this post from my sister Shakti Sunfire

Thank you for being here and being your divine self,

XO Sarah

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