Sex Is...

I've been steeped in the topic of sexuality lately, inspired by books like Women's Anatomy of Arousal and blogs like Sex Love Liberation, who seek to empower women through sexuality.

In my own experience, sexuality has shifted from a word shrouded in embaressment and guilt to a word that elicits a feeling of connection and power. Whereas my sexuality was once uninformed and never discussed, it is now something that feels open, liberating and sacred. My sexuality connects me to my womanhood, to my wild creativity and to the miraculous power of my body.

I have been going through a hard time, navigating changes and transitions, feeling slightly lost and unsure of my decisions. But even during times of transition or rough patches, I can count on the connection I have with my body to keep me grounded, tapped in and aware of my fierce feminine qualities. I can count on my sexuality to remind me of the strength of my intuition - that even while external circumstances seem to swirl around me like a windstorm, my inner world remains calm and strong and knowing.

I can trust my sexuality. I can trust my body. I can trust the power of feeling rather than thinking. I can trust the power of intuition rather than intellect. Intellect is a wonderful tool, but honestly, all this analyzing and pondering over my life choices is kind of doing shit for me right now. There are times when intellect is useful and there are times when we must surrender to the instinctual power of our bodies. There are times when we need to root down into our deepest layers and feel....truly feel. Sometimes that is the only way to navigate a not try and figure it out but instead just be.

And listening to our bodies by tapping into our sexuality is the best way to be. So, here is an ode to sex and sexuality and all the delicious, lustrous, honeyed words that describe it.

Sex is...

the body speaking in tender tones...

us, together

remembering our first language

through passionate, voiceless

tongues - the delicious complexity

of spicy thrusts and sweet honey

dripping from our mouths. Sex is

fluent sensation // diving delicately

into our depths. Sex is water

coursing through us, flooding

us, rising to expose us like a bud

unfurling, a gemstone, raw earth.

Sex is light and dark slithering together

into perpetual union.

Sex is our wild animal moaning

from the basin of our bellies

to be freed.

Sex is knots of tension

untying, fire rising, the weave of things

loosening, coming undone, threads

massaging their way out of anything

not fluid.

Sex is a seamless, creaseless, smooth

undoing of our hardest layers - a softening

into our fierce, engorged, feminine flavors -

a reclaimation of our exquisite essence.

Sex is us: juicy // unconcerned // open // wildly passionate //

present // ravishing & radiant // supple & sultry // sexy & sensual.

Sex is uninhibited self-expression, our truest self.

It is not masculine or feminine. It is our bodies, our hearts, our minds,

our souls

untamed, unrestricted, unfettered.

Reflection/Journal Questions

What is your relationship to the word sex or sexuality? Does your sexuality empower you? Or do you feel you need to heal parts of your relationship with your sexuality? What words would you use to describe sexuality? Let go of the filter, get imaginative and use language that feels sensual, juicy, colorful and yummy to you.

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