Finding Richness in the Dark

Lately it has felt like the water is rising - maybe even flooding - my being. It has been a darker time, a time that is hard for me to really put into words. But something has just

My emotional state is off balance. I feel conflicted, a bit stuck, at times even lost and unsure of my decisions. I have felt disconnected from my intuition, which leads me away from my purpose and all the things I know to be true and in alignment with my core self.

But, you know, this happens from time to time. And it's all temporary. I like to remind myself that a seed must experience the dark, rich soil before it can blossom and bloom out toward the light of the sun.

Key phrase here: the dark, rich soil.

Whether you are going through a hard time right now or you have been through a hard time, it is crucial to remember that there is richness in the dark. We must remember that feeling emotions - whether comfortable or not - means we are vibrating, we are energized, we are ALIVE. 

There are nourishing and nurturing ingredients layered in dark times. If we can deeply listen to ourselves, tune in and be with the darkness instead of trying to do our way out of it, we can begin to absorb the messages and lessons embedded in that dark soil. From this, we sprout from it and become even stronger and more vibrant. Like a thriving plant, we grow tall toward the light of the sun to manifest our highest potential.

We need these dark and receptive times of surrender in order to manifest. The dark and light co-exist to create our rich and abundant lives. 

Remember that in times of darkness, your light is still there and it is as strong as ever.

Nurture your light.

Feel into the darkness.

Taste its richness.


Feel the waters flood you and let them pour out from you.

Move toward what you know, so deeply.

Take back your power by knowing that this darkness is ripe with the sweetest seeds.

These seeds will blossom into the most gorgeous, brilliantly colored parts of yourself.

For me, in darkness, I call on my healing medicine. This means tuning into the energy of the moon, resting, writing, dancing, listening to new music, getting on my yoga mat, making nourishing meals, and most importantly, connecting with my dearest, closest girlfriends.

Woman medicine is the best kind of medicine.

Whether that's over the phone, in person or through letters and writing.

Sometimes, when we feel disconnected from our own femininity and our bright qualities, we must  call on the energy of our powerful, brilliant, beautiful sisters to inspire us and remind us of our own light.

Call on your tribe. Connect with women. Have some quality hang time with your closest friends. Have a ladies night. Oh, and good music plus some dancing (in your house or out at a club with your friends) helps a lot too.

I see your light and your dark. I honor both of them. I see your power and all of the splendor of your femininity. 

Thank you for being here with me. It means the world to me. Thank you for seeing me and holding space and for showing up in this potent space.

So much love for you,

xo Sarah

Now it's your turn! In times of darkness, what helps you nurture your light? What nourishes you? what reminds you of all your vibrant colors? Movement? Meditation? Time with friends? I'd love to hear what brings you back to yourself in times of darkness. Leave a comment below and let's hear your voice!

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