Open to Beauty & Grace {both on and off the mat}

Here are some Monday musings as well as a contemplation to help you more gracefully navigate this week.

But first, a poem that I have fallen in love with:

The world is nothing more
than Beauty’s chance to show Herself.
And what are we? —
Nothing more than Beauty’s chance to see Herself.
For if Beauty were not seeking Herself,
we could not exist.
— Ghalib

Anusara is a school of yoga that I hold dear to my heart. One of the many reasons why is because in Anusara, the very first principle of the practice is open to grace or be receptive. This means that we open to the possibility that beauty or grace could reveal herself within us. Before we do anything in the pose, we first arrive. We feel our hands or feet on the earth and take one full, conscious round of breath.

I adore this first principle. It teaches me to take each pose, each practice, as it comes and release expectations around it - whether based on a previous practice or the desire to achieve something. Rather than forcefully try to achieve a state of being, we simply receive what is in that moment and offer a silent invitation for beauty to present herself.

This doesn't mean, however, that we neglect our efforts. Rather, we refine our efforts and infuse them with this potent kind of receptivity that enhances our practice. By breathing, arriving, and opening, we dissolve barriers to beauty entering and we create a space for her to flow into, if she chooses to. 

What if we entered this week with that in mind, both on and off the mat? Choosing to arrive, in any particular interaction or situation, before the need creeps in to do or say something. What if we took one full, conscious round of breath before diving into a conversation, before responding, before doing? What if we set the intention to open to the possibility that beauty could reveal herself within us?

In this way, we access our heart. We access our natural state of awareness. We see more clearly, with our inner eyes, potential waiting for us to notice her.

Thank you for reading! It's a pleasure sharing this space with you and I look forward to connecting soon.



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