When I Practice Yoga

When I'm joyful, I practice yoga.
When I'm open, I practice yoga. 
When I'm tight, I practice yoga.
When I'm tender, I practice yoga.

When I practice yoga, it's more than just sun salutations. The practice extends far beyond the physical postures. It's sitting, breathing, coming back home to myself. There's a profound depth to our yoga practice.

The practice becomes 'how do I use my yoga tools off the mat?' When things are shaky. When things are certain. When we are celebrating and when we are lamenting. When we are transitioning and must settle into the space between.

When changes arise that are unexpected and unwanted. When we are struck with grief. When we feel sad one day and don't know why. When we are elated and our hearts are singing. When we can't change the situation and must relearn the art of surrender.

In these times, we practice yoga. We come back home and remember our capacity to love, to be gentle with ourselves, to extend loving kindness to our body & mind.

We continue to share ourselves and our gifts with the world. To see the whirlwind of life swirl around us but not be swept away by it.

To carry the depths of our yoga practice off the mat and into real life situations. To sit, be still, breathe & make our interior space more vast. To move with the experience rather than try and fight against it.