200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

(led by Sarah Diedrick and Caitlin Pascucci)

This accredited 200-hour RYT program is rooted in the principles of supporting individuality and also growing our empowered community, or sangha, through the shared practice of yoga. This training is designed to challenge and integrate the way we live in our mind, body, and spirit. Carefully crafted with tools and insights, participants will have the opportunity to dive deeper into their yoga practice and integrate it into life off the mat. Rooted mainly in Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra philosophies, students will discover how they are both similar and different from all other fundamental teachings of yoga.

The program is delivered over the course of 7 weekend-long intensives (including an opening weekend 3-day long immersion and closing weekend 3 or 4-day New England Region retreat included in the initial cost of training).

Participants will receive homework to support and enhance their learning and will be able to discuss it at each weekend intensive. Each participant will receive a training manual, accompanying workbook, and both a required and recommended booklist that will serve as a point of reference during and after training. Each participant will be paired with both a teacher mentor and a “Sidekick” with which to navigate and to share their experience.

We will focus on developing a depth and breadth of knowledge, based on the foundation that we are all living beings and by working together we can thrive. How can we serve ourselves in a fulfilling way so that we may more greatly serve others?

This training is suited for anyone who wants to deepen their own yoga practice as well as those who want to teach yoga.

Sample topics covered in the 200-Hour RYT training

ANATOMY:  A deep understanding of biomechanics and how to translate anatomy knowledge into practice and teaching.

ASANA LAB: Breaking down of primary asanas, how to cue, how to modify and how to build up from the base.

PHILOSOPHY: Exposure to various yoga philosophies, with a focus on Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra. Re-enforced by discussing and analyzing various yogic texts through Dharma Discussions and Book Club formats.

LANGUAGE: Explore the language of yoga: Sanskrit, chanting, and mantra.

MEDITATION:  How to teach meditation and how to weave it into your daily life.

SEQUENCING: Design an intelligently sequenced class that incorporates elements such as body mechanics, meditation and pranayama.

HOW TO TEACH: How to teach a yoga class including: theming, alignment principles, detailed review of asana, cueing and language, creating and developing sequences, assisting, leading savasana and yoga nidra, offering adaptive practices, and finding your own voice and teaching style.

THE BUSINESS OF YOGA: The business of teaching yoga and how to optimize your teaching career, if you do decide to teach.

What happens after the training?

After completing the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training you can expect continued support in your yoga practice, personally and professionally. Should you choose to not teach, that’s perfectly fine. Just because you do an RYT program doesn’t mean you have to teach, and we understand that. Regardless, our faculty promises to be here for you along the way and offer their resources. This training hopes to offer tools that leave its participants in a more grounded, knowledgeable, confident and supported place than when they began.

After completion of the course:

  • You will join a community of invested, educated, and confident teachers.

  • If attending training at Sangha Studio, you will have the opportunity to teach at Sangha Studio in Sangha Flow community classes and as the schedule allows.

  • If attending training at Sangha Studio, you will have the option to assist any faculty classes at Sangha Studio and assist your lead faculty members (Caitlin and Sarah) at any events, workshops, or classes they teach at.

  • If attending training at Sangha Studio, you will have the option to participate in Sangha Studio’s service and outreach programs.

How much does it cost? (and other details)


  • 7 weekend intensives

  • $3000 if paid via cash/check, $3200 if paid via credit card. $500 deposit due on acceptance. VSAC non-degree grants accepted. Installments per weekend available.

  • Capacity: ~18 participants

Included in tuition cost:

  • Be paired with a Sidekick — another student to meet with between weekends and act as a resource for learning.

  • One-on-one relationship with a faculty member that will act as a mentor and resource during training and post-training.

  • 3-4 Day retreat at a regional location.

  • Sustaining Membership at the studio for 7 months (the duration of training).

  • Use of the studio spaces for meeting with Sidekick.

Requirement to graduate:

  • Full attendance at all weekends. If hours must be missed, you are required to let Caitlin and Sarah know ahead of time. Any content missed will be up to the participant to make up with their Sidekick. More details will be discussed during the opening weekend of training.

  • All homework completed as assigned and final project presentation.

I truly appreciate Sangha’s commitment to community. If you are a student looking to enhance your understanding of how yoga not only serves an individual, but an entire network of individuals, this training is for you. I appreciate the collaborative nature of the training and accessibility of the teachers. The emphasis on the relationships formed between students in the training will certainly serve all of us as we move out into the broader yoga community. The teachers truly care about their students success and made us all feel like there is a place for each of us as teachers in our community.
— Sarah, YTT graduate 2016-2017

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