Photo by Darrah Hollenbach

Photo by Darrah Hollenbach

One of my deep passions in life is yoga. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher trained in Hatha Vinyasa, however, my practice has evolved and transformed over the past five years. I wouldn't put my yoga practice and teaching style under one branch of yoga. It's really a reflection of my personal exploration on the mat, a product of playing around with my body and tapping into what feels good and juicy and rewarding.

So, what is my style like?

My teaching style is inspiring and dynamic. Expect fiery bites paired with cool, watery moments. If you could describe my practice in terms of elements, fire and water rule. My practice is playful, strong and light-hearted with creative sequencing and maybe even some booty shaking. Then there's the watery side: I weave poetry into my classes through my words as well as how I emphasize blending breath into every moment. My students say I have a way of allowing them to connect with deeper parts of themselves and drop into their bodies. Whether we are quietly drawing inward during a forward fold or feeling our bellies get hot while doing core work, I aim to craft a rhythmic sequence that allows students to connect with their wild creative fire and their softer, intuitive side.

Yoga is a chance to play-- to explore and expand on deeper wisdom, to taste all the flavors of every sensation and use them to anchor into the wisdom of our bodies. When we can open up on our mat-- physically, emotionally and spiritually-- we can blend this practice into our daily life in a way that allows us to navigate from a place of expansion and space. My classes will make you feel strong and sexy and I always offer options to both soften a pose or challenge your edges by trying something new. The important thing is that the pose feels good rather than looks good; that you are honoring your body's request rather than the ego's. Fly, sweat, cool down, settle, ground, strengthen, soften.


Private Yoga

Are you looking to deepen your practice and get more attention on your mat? Private yoga lessons are a great way to make sure you are getting into each pose safely and correctly. Private lessons accelerate your practice through consistent alignment cues and assists. My lessons are a sweet mix of alignment and creative sequencing, really good music, massage and meditation. I offer two types of private yoga classes: a flow that strengthens and challenges the body and a restorative practice that uses props and calming music to soothe the nervous system and decrease stress.

Group Yoga

Having a ladies night? Add some yoga to the mix! I am available to teach group yoga classes tailored to your special event, whether that means getting together with your girlfriends and sharing sensual movement or finding peace and calm in restorative yoga with family or friends.