25 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

with Sarah Diedrick, E-RYT // March 2-9, 2019


Our role as a teacher is to mirror back the inherent goodness and wisdom within our student. To be this type of teacher, we must first touch the goodness and wisdom within ourselves. How do we do such a thing? We can start by committing to this lifelong inquiry: how can I live with integrity? How can I integrate the teachings into my life both on and off the mat?

Our personal yoga practice (self-study) is our most powerful tool as teachers. When we place the teachings in our own heart (shraddha, in Sanskrit) we weave them into the fabric of our everyday life. This inspires integration. And integration allows for the teachings to more spontaneously come out of you, so that your offerings become a direct extension of your own informed experience.

To put it simply, you teach from your heart. We need more of this in the yoga world: teachers who can skillfully and authentically blend both the heart and the physical together in a harmonious way. Restorative Yoga is a deep inquiry into how we can do this. It reveals the heart of things, in a way that will inspire your teaching and your students, no matter what style that may be.

Know and nourish yourself intimately...and notice how the world around you shifts.

basic info...

When: March 2-9, 2019
Where: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Hours: You will receive a certification for 25 hours, which can be submitted to Yoga Alliance for continued education hours (though, of course, you don't need to plan on teaching Restorative to do the training!)
Price: Deposit: $500 (via Venmo - @sarahdiedrick OR through the link below) -- *deposit goes toward the full price of training
-There are 6 villas at the resort (each with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, terrace and garden!!!) They each have a king size bed and a sofa bed.

-Solo villa: $1900

-Shared with one other person: $1600 each

-Shared with two other people: $1300 each

pay your deposit and choose your room type by clicking the link below...

intentions for this training...

  1. Help you find confidence in teaching the Restorative practice

  2. Help you cultivate and deepen your own personal Restorative practice, which will echo positively into your personal practice, your teaching, your relationships, and many more realms of your life.

The beauty of the restorative practice is that the benefits bleed into all areas of your life, which means this training is just as much for your own personal growth as it is for your prospective students!


we will cover...

Teaching Methodology: how to set up props and poses; how to cue students into the pose; assisting and guidance in poses; theme ideas for classes
Philosophy: Satsang each day will include a theme discussion (listed below). We will draw from many sources but use the Spandakarika as our main text. These themes can be for your own personal contemplation or can be used as themes, guided meditations & discussions in your own classes.

Personal Practice/Self-Care for Teachers: how can you use this practice to “take the seat of the teacher” and approach all classes you teach with ease? How can you stay inspired and fulfilled as a teacher for years to come? We will explore these questions through group discussion and through guided practice (see daily schedule below).

How to Adapt: How do you teach a pose when you have all the props? When you have very little props? How do you teach a Restorative practice to a group class versus a private client?

Science: how does Restorative influence the parasympathetic nervous system? What are the physiological benefits of this practice?

book list...

Required: Yoga Spandakarika by Daniel Odier
Recommended: Relax and Renew by Judith Hanson Lasater
*You will also receive a manual with more reading materials and teaching content.

themes we will cover...

  • Spanda (universal pulsation)
  • Nimesha & Unmesha (contraction and expansion)
  • Sammelana (co-mingling, blending, harmony)
  • Svadhyaya (one’s own reading, self-study)
  • Shraddha (to place in one’s own heart, faith)
  • Shakti & Shiva (receptivity and engagement, the beloved union)

sample daily schedule...

7-8:30am: Morning practice (meditation and vinyasa)

8:30-9:30am: Breakfast
9:30am-12:30pm: Morning session (lecture and asana labs)

12:30-3:30pm: Lunch/beach break

3:30-6:00pm: Afternoon session (teaching methodology and satsang)

6:00-7:30pm: Dinner
7:30-9pm: Restorative Practice

santa teresa.jpg

location info...

Santa Teresa is a beautiful surf town with the most amazing sunsets! Our retreat location is right across the street from the beach and there are a bunch of great little food spots, shops, $1 coconuts sold on the side of the road, surf lessons, fresh fruit galore. The retreat center itself has a restaurant where we will eat breakfast together each morning and a pool you can lounge at whenever you’d like (we have the whole place to ourselves!). Feel free to e-mail me for the link and more photos to our retreat center and/or the town itself.



*please fill out this application to help me better understand why you would like to participate in this training!


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